Cell organelles basics


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welcome to moomoomath and science in this video I like to go over the basic organelles of a cell up first the cell membrane this is a protective outer covering it acts a bit like a security guard because it regulates what can enter and exit the cell and here what it looks like the mitochondria is where energy is found here in the form of ATP it breaks down glucose to produce energy and it the powerhouse of the cell and here a picture ribosomes are the smallest of all organelles they are protein factories because they make proteins and here a picture the endoplasmic reticulum which is shortened to ER carries proteins and other cell materials throughout the cell it similar to a UPS store and there are two types rough and smooth and here a picture of the endoplasmic reticulum the Golgi apparatus packages proteins in vesicles which can then be transported and it acts it a little bit like a post office or the UPS store and here a picture lysosomes they break down old cell parts remove waste products and they could be the janitors of the cell and here a picture of the lysosome