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she stuffed some clothes in her car drove across the country and lived in her car showering at a gym got a job at a call center and from there rebuild her life women who got out of abusive relationships what tips do you have for someone who making their getaway plan what about for the people helping them get away use some money to get a burner phone keep it hidden away where the person can find it use library computers to look up resources such as emergency housing you can even ask the librarian to help you since they probably have no connection to the person unless you live in a small town get as much of your personal records as possible birth certificate SSN medical records and lastly your passport and driver license I would recommend that the person who helps you should be someone who doesn know the person who you are getting away from give them a picture of the person at all the other information like their car license plate number make and model as well as the person phone number a good cover up story of why you know each other is a