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SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Good Time Episode 02 So the good time of over one year will end at this moment? When you went to bed with other woman weren't you uneasy? I was not myself then but I swear I never contacted her ever since I won't buy it We're done No, don't Let me tell you I have a cafe to run I'll just have a drink Hey, boy Sir Two beers OK Zhu Tao, it's earnest Beers Shanshan is back Your invisible girlfriend who loafed in the US for 10 years She didn't loaf And she wasn't invisible She came back to marry me Oh my god You agreed? I didn't Awesome. Good boy Listen, you mustn't say yes I never think very well of this girl There isn't love between you two Separated by the vast ocean of the Pacific you only chat over phone or via email ever now and then Is that love? I told you what love was Love needs an urge, a surge of passion that consumes you, you see? Exhausting Release of hormones That's love Marriage without love is doomed to destruction Trust me You mean you and Jian Hui, huh? Why bring it up? Shanshan and I are not the same Well, I think even if there's no love there is an emotional bond Though we couldn't see others for so many years we understand each other But I think she has changed What's the matter? I can't tell Maybe, she's too successful in her career You know what her mom said She said "Listen, Yuan Hao If you marry Shanshan and go to the US it'll save you 10 years of hard work" What do you think of it? I.