Introduction to Programming and Computer Science - Full Course


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Welcome to Introduction to programming. My name  is Steven in my name is Shawn. Over the next 90   minutes, we'll be taking you through this series  consisting of 21 different segments that hope to   cover the basics of computer programming, which  can apply to any and all programming languages you   might want to learn. We'll be starting with the  simplest question of what is programming. And from   there, we will be working our way up as we talk  about common features of computer science such   as loops and arrays, we'll discuss how to read  and write code, debug code that you've written   some strategies to help you plan out your code  and much, much more. The complete list of topics   that are going to be covered in this lecture style  video are shown on the screen. Now, additionally,   there will be timestamps in the description,  so feel free to skip around. If you're already   proficient in some areas of computer science, or  just want to know about a specific topic we will   be covering. Hopefully, by the end of the series,  you'll have a basic understanding of what computer   science is, along with an armory of useful skills  that will help you unravel whichever programming   language you decide to learn.