NCT DREAM On Their Audition Process, Group Dynamic, and "Hello Future" | KPDB Ep. #119


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[Eric] Okay ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the K-POP [Eric] Daebak Show. I'm sure you guys are all here because [Eric] we have some incredibly int- [Eric] incredibly talented artists joining us today [Eric] for a very special episode. [Eric] Aw man, I wanna like drag this out so people are [Eric] they're like, 'Hurry up introduce them, why aren't you- [Eric] I want to build this tension [MARK] Yes build it up. [Eric] Alright, so. I'm coming from LA, I'm your host Eric Nam [Eric] And today, from Seoul Korea we're joined by 4 members [Eric] of NCT DREAM. Hello! [NCT DREAM] Hello! [MARK] We'd like to say hi. 123 To the world, here is NCT! Hello we are NCT DREAM. [Eric] Now could you guys all introduce yourselves? [RENJUN] Hello my name is RENJUN. Hi. [CHENLE] Hi, I'm CHENLE. [MARK] Hi, my name is MARK. Hey guys, I'm MARK! [JISUNG] Hey, I'm JISUNG. [Eric] Alright, nice to meet you all. [Eric] Yeah, first of all, I'm going to be switching back and [Eric] forth with English and Korean. I'll try my best to [Eric] get things running smoothly.