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pop culture recently made an immense stride giving Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar and I was deserving of this award as he is it wasn all that impressive in fact Snow White and the Seven Dwarves won eight Oscars back in 1937 just after the Titanic sunk for the first time we just let that sink in for nearly a century now the Disney Company has been making us laugh cry and reminisce on our childhoods all while purifying ourselves from society evils yep Disney movies when society connects pop culture to Disney movies the result is a fixed generation headed back on the right track now my love for Disney started out of very young age with my grandparents retired in Florida and where nearly everyone is over 70 and drives the golf cart to the grocery store we frequented the Disney World park very often sporting our matching fanny packs and bright neon shirts drawing a big crowd now as dorky as it seems well yeah it really dorky but in between binge watching Gossip Girl for the 3rd time I binge watching High School Musical for the 87th time and purifying myself from society evils simultaneously now we