The Most Efficient Space Program In The World


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This video is supported by KiwiCo. In 1961 the Soviet Union launched the first human into space. In 1969 America put the first man on the Moon. In 2019 China landed the first spacecraft on the far side of the Moon. Since day one, the spaceflight industry has been extremely competitive, with countries developing the most advanced technologies and pushing the boundaries of what humans are capable of. But one country that isn’t often mentioned in the history of spaceflight is India. For decades, the Indian Space Agency has been quietly working away and achieving some incredible results. In this video, we’re going to look at the efficiency of India’s space program. We’re also going to look at it’s relationship with private space companies and how that could change in the future. When India began their space program in 1969 they entered into a world dominated by America and the Soviet Union. In the States, people were living well and businesses were booming with the new advancements in technology. In India, the people had nothing - and with a controlling government, even food was hard to come by. It was a strange time to start a space program - Apollo 11 had just returned from the Moon and NASA were spending around 40 billion dollars each year in today's money.