CHAD "Savage" George's REVERSE Guillotine! (Dragon Sleeper)


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sorry but I may not be the best most flexible guy for this this move but let get into this I should have told you else doing yeah I would straight into it I kind of had an idea so I come in like as if I on like they coming up push that away oh my god yeah guys this move this move should be bad Music there we go okay and turning there you go what up Chad how it going guys teach me grappling Bryan Petersen I back and today I also bring you Chad George yesterday we had Scott Epstein today we bringing you Chad George EBI 18 right here let me tell you a quick story me and Chad just competed against one another as coaches and his girl beat my girl Gabby Romero just beat Megan partying over time it was a great fight awesome battle but this guy the winner today and now I had to work him over to to show you guys some awesome technique give you something right here for free he gonna give you some skills paid me later ok so you guys gotta check this guy out combat