Self Mastery : its time to rise above the matrix


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yo youtube what good with your man spacex trap and we back today with another video of me like as you can see bro i still gazing right now you know so you better do the same bro when you righteous person but this isn gonna stop for creature you know god start to be able to take the power of the sun bro because you gotta understand that your soul is the inner reflection of the sun boy you feel me because like the sun if the sun wouldn exist bro don think of this would be weird but it the same with source but if you don have a sword but you are not with or you don exist but for me you just exist on the physical event or the 3d level but if you don if you don have a subway you dead well basically you walking there you feel me but anyway so today i want to talk about the principle of self master weibo self mastery and self discipline you gotta understand that everything works if you want to be if you want to live your best life in the best way right on