Full-Body HOME WORKOUT - No Gym Needed - Follow Along


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hello guys it is your brother apocalypse Hampton brother during the apocalypse and your brother doing regular times and let be honest right now it not the apocalypse it not but I here to give you a quick home workout routine you can do because as you may have heard a lot of the gyms are closed which good I think one of the best things people a lot of people can do for the health and fitness is to stay away from the gym anyway now if that what motivates you when you like going to the gym get you up and going I applaud you I have nothing against that but I just very wary of people trying to sell you your own health fitness and happiness by saying you need these machines you need these weights because to be very clear you do not need a gym to achieve an elite level of fitness strength and health at all now the exercises will cover will beö let see push ups pull ups squats leg lifts bridges and what the heck we go over some handstands today now if you never seen my other content I am a