Important things I've learned about success from years as a P.I., security professional and author.


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this week is super casual just a stream of consciousness for you don really even know where i going with this we see what this is this week it just like if you and i sat down in my favorite restaurant i have just finished a plate of delicious biscuits and gravy i on who knows what cup of coffee maybe one too many and i just a little bit too talkative here some things i like to share with you hi this is larry k with shadowanyone com i the creator of the investigators ultimate guide series i am a number one best selling author a couple of times over and i got all sorts of resources for free over at shadowanyone com the thing that i want to talk about i don know if you ever heard this phrase or made this distinction but i think it really applies in our industry investigative and security industry my brothers and sisters who work security this is right in there for you as well it the idea of inherited knowledge versus earned knowledge or i think the way i originally heard it was it the idea of inherited power versus