2019 Come Lord Jesus Conference Session 5 - Dr Bruce Allen


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good morning hey I got a new gizmo who this belong to going once go it must be mine okay what is that a guitar pick up it almost a guitar dropped how many of you here this afternoon I want to say something just quickly this is a brief announcement but you know for years our heart has to bend to see a generation of young people raised up and just recently with that in mind we had gazing into glory foundations of glory and biblical secrets of a supernatural life all condensed into a children curriculum and so we just making the final Corrections but we already hearing absolutely astonishing testimonies and so we I mean I so blessed with this and if you interested maybe they can put a sign up out there you know I don know how many years ago we this was placed on our heart but you know you don just jump ahead and do something until finally the Lord brought somebody into our life that does an extraordinary job of putting this together and we excited to see what God does and so here to take that I need the room praise