Attack on Titan - Reaction - S3E11 - Bystander


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banana hey guys i sam and i morgan and we are the react pack we back with another episode of attack on time we so excited to start this i gonna keep this short and sweet um the last episode we got a little bit of actually we got a lot of bit not a little bit we got uh levi and uh kenny whole back story remember yeah the mom and yeah um it was it was a it was a lot yeah um we piecing together that they all related yeah yeah levi kenny mikasaro related now we know levi knows that his last name um we said this before but i think just like the fact that in the back of a mind our minds that we knew that levi last name was ackerman we weren we were missing the shock factor and the fact that levi didn know his last name and that i think yeah confusion there but it just because we weren surprised yeah and i and that weird because like we both drew ackerman and we thought of levi first before yeah yeah so um i i think we just didn think last