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what up guys earlier in the year with all the lockdowns i was providing you guys with lots of at home workouts but i kind of got away from that first off because a lot of gyms have opened back up and second i been putting in my own work doing jiu jitsu doing my own runs and then teaching my kids program and working out with them but i do want to stay diligent on providing some at home workouts especially short ones that are 10 minutes because you can do these just like that sort of impromptu workouts and i want all these to serve a purpose so today we going to be burning down the shoulders why is it important to burn down the shoulders well it makes it that much easier to keep your hands up to not have them drop and drop and start to fade out the further you get in the fight or the further you get in a hard sparring class so intro first guys and then we will jump right into the shoulder conditioning workout Music for the at home workout guys i like to keep the amount of tools that