Cabaran Pandemik COVID 19 : Kesihatan Mental dan Hak Asasi


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ibrahim celebrity mental health advocate and patron of miyaza mental illness awareness and support association burma mental health association uh Music Music um Music Music screen Music Music foreign Music Music is Music foreign Music Applause Music yeah oh Music as Applause Music it is Music Music is just Music when Music Music photography Music okay vivian are you ready one two three okay one two three all right thank you very much thank you very much so Music Music yes yes yay wow okay what an interesting morning yeah uh good morning everyone uh sofia and i sure you having a lot of stress for your mental health right now we have to be you know i mean life is like that okay uh so let me just get the formalities out of the way first for everyone that dr madeline burma good morning to everyone i hope you don mind me uh speaking in both bahasa today and also english so that everybody can take something away from what uh my keynote has to offer today inshallah so first and foremost it seems like a blessing in disguise i would say though happened alongside the pandemic as more