The Bat (1959) Horror, Mystery, Thriller Full Length Movie


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[Music] [Applause] [Music] this is the Oaks a house in the country which I rented for the summer as an author I write tales of mystery and murder but the things that happened in this house were far more fantastic than any story I've ever had published I brought a staff of servants from my City apartment and my maid Lizzie Allen who had been with me nearly 20 years [Music] Lizzy yes mr. Neely is the car at the door look hmm mr. NIDA them servants you brought from the apartment are talking about walking out on us really I know they don't like it here but I didn't think it was that bad could they have been hearing things about the killer that the police call the bat and the murders that he committed here this past winter now people are saying that he's back again well how can they be sure that has he committed another crime no not yet but that ain't saying that he won't here's something else you've heard about the bats they have here animal that's the kind that fly yes yes look what it says in this magazine this is a report from the State Health Department and it says some of them bats is rabid well and that ain't all now there's a rumor going around that it was the fad himself the killer I mean that released the rabid bats in this neighborhood oh that's ridiculous well the housekeeper the cook the butler and the upstairs maid don't think so no I can't help but they think if hysterical nonsense like that can scare them out of their good jobs it's their loss not mine come on Lizzy I've got to get to the bank drive directly to Zenith bag Warner I'm afraid we'll have to hurry it's imposing time I'll get you there mr.