Uncle Roger HATE Jamie Oliver Egg Fried Rice


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- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Putting jam in rice. (Uncle Roger sobs) This is disgusting! Who put jam-- (beep) Hello, niece and nephew. It's Uncle Roger. Today, Uncle Roger gonna react to this video, requested by so many niece and nephew out there. It's Jamie Oliver making egg fried rice. Jamie Oliver is professional chef, very established. Everybody know him. So, Uncle Roger think this one is gonna be good. I've been to many of his restaurant. Before we start video, niece and nephew, please smack the like button now, like you slap a bag of rice. Don't make Uncle Roger sad. Smack like button. Now let's start the video. - Egg fried rice. It's an absolute classic. And I've got-- - Two second into video, and I already see sauce pan. Āi yā! Where your wok? Jamie, where your wok? Egg fried rice need to use wok, because you need the wok hay. Many people asking Uncle Roger, what is wok hay? It is the breath of wok. When you cook with wok, the wok give the food flavor.