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you we going to start answering some of the questions that we didn get to last month of right after right after I tell you a little bit about this the perfect storm I have I got some notes here these notes are basically headlines what do I mean what do I mean by headlines well headlines I have anneal things happen to me periodically I will have like a dream or a vision or trance or something happen and I see a newspaper come to me and I look at the top of the newspaper and it would tell me I will read the headlines and sometimes it tells me like a month or it may even tell me a day sometimes it tells me a year but it won I won remember the month of the day and so I don I not saying that the headlines I about to read to you are going to happen in the same time frame as the perfect storm by the year 2020 I I don know so I can tell you what I don know I just letting you know here are headlines that I have read that came from