McGregor Breaks Tibia! How It Happened & How To Prevent


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if you guys watched ufc 264 last night mcgregor versus poirier 3 you may have been just as confused as me about the result or the finish of the fight but today i have some more details about what went down and we are going to discuss exactly what conor mcgregor injury was when he got it and how it could have been avoided all right guys mcgregor lower left leg gives out at the end of the first round or at least that what it looks like it looks like something happened he stepped down it folds over and you going oh did he roll his ankle but then when they zoom in and they take him out you going ooh that looks a lot worse than a really bad rolled ankle but this morning i saw in the post fight press conference that dana white confirmed it was the lower tibia that actually got injured that is actually the shin bone and now that makes three fighters that have gone down three big fighters that have gone down from tibia injuries we had anderson silva and then ironically chris weidman and now we have conor mcgregor and when