Subnet Mask - Explained


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What is a subnet mask? So that is a topic of this  video. Now before we talk about what a subnet mask is we must first talk about what an IP address  is. An IP address is an identifier for a computer   or device on a network. Every device has to  have an IP address for communication purposes.   And to be specific, I'm talking about an IPv4  address. An IPv4 address is a 32-bit numeric   address, written as four numbers, separated  by periods. Each group of numbers that are   separated by periods is called an octet. The  number range in each octet is from 0 - 255.   An IP address consists of two parts. The first  part is the network address and the second part is   the host address. The network address or network  ID is a number that's assigned to a network.   So every network will have a unique address. The  host address or host id is what's assigned to hosts   within that network such as computers, servers,  tablets, routers, and so on. So every host will   have a unique host address. Now the way to tell  which portion of the IP address is the network   or the host, is where the subnet mask comes in.