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Hi there, Steve Kaufmann here. Today I'm going to talk about vocabulary, words, the most important thing in language learning. Remember if you enjoy these videos, please subscribe, uh, click on the bell to get notifications. The reason I'm talking about this is that I saw in a discussion the other day on, uh, language learning. Someone said, you know, there are, uh, what does it mean to know a word? There are all these different stages of knowing a word. And there was a great analysis of knowing, you know, a grammar of the word, which word it's used with the different meanings of the word, the scope of meaning of the word, whether you can just recognize it in context. And to me, all of that is not important. I think there is far too much analysis. Uh, yes, there is a continuum. The first time we see a word, we don't know what it means, of course, or we may guess at it, or we're probably better not to guess by the way, better to look it up has been my experience, but, uh, we get a sense of what the word might mean in a certain context.