Every Jab Defense w/ My Favourite Counters (For All Skill Levels)


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what up guys today we going through every jab defense with counters this is for everybody from beginner skill level to advanced skill level right after the intro we get into every jab defense you can possibly do Music all right guys in terms of defense jab is obviously the one that you want to get really good at because most people use it as a rangefinder and a high percentage of shots thrown are going to be jabs but you don just want to have one defense you can definitely dial in one get really good at it but it important to have multiple ones because sometimes when he throws the jab i be really really far away and that a different different jab defense than if i right here and i want to move so we going to talk about every possible defense you can do and we going to start with the most basic which is parrying when i parrying the jab i want to make sure that i never i call it windshield wiping i never going across i going straight pushing straight across getting my hand right back to my head so if he doubles