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(RELAY CAM) (4-5AM XIAOJUN) (Hi) Hi guys It's XIAOJUN It's already... 4 o'clock.. in the morning.. Crazy.. I already got some sleep LUCAS He didn't sleep again Hello Hello I'm here too guys Why are you awake? I got... something to do right now Something I must do before I sleep I need to change the litter box for Bella Yap Oh my goodness Pee (Defending Bella) Bella is such a princess because she peeps and poops at different places This is where she pees This is where Bella poops I have two What a princess (NEW pad) (Shake, shake, shake) Yap There (Done changing it) What should we do? (Thinking) Book Let's read (Fumble, fumble) MILK CHEERS (This book looks familiar) I'm still on this book This book... What's it called? Hold on Let me look up its Korean name It's a famous book There's a movie for it too (Found it) The name is The Kite...Runner Wow The Kite Runner How.. is.. The Butterfly Runner (Butterfly X, Kite O) Runner It's <The Kite Runner> (10 minutes passed) No can do.