【FULL】Love is Sweet EP02 | 半是蜜糖半是伤 | Bai Lu 白鹿,Luo Yunxi 罗云熙,Gao Hanyu 高瀚宇 | iQIYI


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[English subtitles are available.] Love is Sweet Episode 2 [Emergency room] Doctor! She has a severe congenital tear allergy. Dextran with five percent to ten percent glucose solution for IV is required now. You know her well. I'm her friend. Sorry. No family members allowed. Sorry. [Pick me up at Bunk No.9, Inpatient Building No.7 in Shanghai Hospital] [Mr. Yuan] They’re gonna kiss. They’re gonna kiss! What are you reading? Why should I tell you? Give me. Nope. I wanna read it, too. No. What are you doing? Give it back. Romance novel? Raise her chin. Lips get closer bit by bit. Stop reading. Give it back to me. Give it back. I won’t. It’s my book. Give it back! What's wrong with you, Yuan Shuai? Jiang Jun. You... Jiang Jun. Don't cry. You... You can’t cry, Jiang Jun. Head up. Take a breath. Hold it. Don't cry! Take a breath. Jiang Jun. Close your eyes! Close your eyes! Close your eyes! Take a breath.