MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Full Movie (2021) All Cinematics 4K-60FPS ULTRA HD


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our work is finished Luke a Lord Rayden I am merely Raiden now you have proven worthy to take my place as the new protector of earth realm once it is restored you honor me Raiden the honor is mine Lord Liu Kang the sense of time are now yours to shape it falls upon you to architect a new history the faith of all realms in my hands Raiden I cannot do this alone I shall advise you for as long as my mortality allows but have no doubt you are up to the task then together let us begin Music see who came before you do my soul Fujin what are you your magic before the hour glass shatters even here at the dawn of time you spew lies and deceit we will not hear it in defeating chronica you destroyed her crown without it you can restart history the hourglass will shatter all realms will be lost Crona cos every action was taken to ensure her crowns preparation she would not dare to restart history without it these Kronecker came to each of us for our help she offered places in her new era for refusing her