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thank you so much for coming so the way I would like to introduce what I do is just think about the rotating planet that we live on for almost billion years this has been rotating and almost every life form on this planet evolved on this rotating planet so with every rotation with every day there is a cycle of light and darkness and if you think of the source of all energy on this planet source of all food on this planet comes from light we all have built up a CKD enclose or a 24 hours plot to anticipate when the Sun comes up and when it goes down and if we don know what a circadian clock is then just think about babies when babies are born actually they don have a strong clock so they go to sleep and then wake up and cry and go back to sleep and wake up and cry they do that almost in every three to four hours so just imagine if we all didn have a clock then half of you would be sleeping half would be crying but then what happens is after a few weeks maybe