High-range narcissists (watch out for them!)


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all right everybody so here a question for you where the line between a narcissist and a psychopath because there is a point where narcissism kind of starts bleeding it kind of a bad metaphor but bleeding into psychopathy it that tiny gap right after malignant narcissism however narcissism and psychopathy are distinct entities the psychopaths aren so plagued by insecurity and anxiety they do really well under stress they very cool operators and they smart as hell most importantly they lack remorse and these top notes distinguish the psychopaths from their very close cousins the malignant narcissists i have worked with clients who were managing severe high end as we call them narcissists and it took us a minute to figure out if what they were managing was straight up psychopathy or what i term the neurotic psychopath which is in essence the malignant narcissist this video is part of a series on the continuum of narcissism the low end of narcissism sort of the mid range of narcissism and here we are at the high end or the more frightening scary severe end of narcissism on a continuum and as always please consider giving this video a like