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Hey, hey people. Seth here. Today, I will be covering an older game that, at the time, was considered the best (((conspiracy))) simulator on the market. Deus Ex. Looking back now, it was a scarily accurate prediction of a future. Despite being made a full year before the 9/11 attacks Deus Ex depicted our world in 30 years as an authoritarian dystopia. In other words, they were 30 years off. In this bleak future, there's only the super wealthy and the super fuckin' poor. The only food available is candy bars and soybeans. The only safe drinking water is orange soda, and 10 packs of cigarettes are now strong enough to kill you instantly. For this reason, second-hand smoking is now the preferred method of postnatal abortion. Or, if you care about the environment and want a more eco-friendly solution, you could also try jabbing your ungrateful spawn with a cattle prod then put them up for adoption. (In the ocean!) Deus Ex is an amazing game, and I'm glad people pushed me to replay it. You appreciate it more in your manchild years. Anyway! Plot: You play as "JC" Denton.