How-to Add Automatic Closed Captioning to a YouTube Video


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Hello my name is Torie and today I will show you how to create Closed Captioning in YouTube In order for videos in Blackboard to be ADA compliant instructors must include a full transcript or closed captioning with a video YouTube provides automatic closed captioning to uploaded videos To receive automatic closed captioning to uploaded videos select My Channel in the top left drop down arrow on your YouTube page Then select My Channel On this page you should see all of the videos that you have loaded to your YouTube channel Select Video Manager at the top of the page Next to the video you want to add captions or subtitles to click the drop down menu next to the Edit button Then select Subtitles and CC Next to your video you should see a link titled Add new subtitles or CC If you have already set settings in your YouTube page to automatically set closed captioning you will see that here To add new subtitles or CC click the drop down menu and choose the language that is most spoken in the video After you have selected a language it will set the language for you Give YouTube