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-I'm sorry for your loss. -Thanks buddy, thanks. Thanks. Put it there, near the wall. So it won't block the way. Bro… The photos arrived. Thank you Çetin. Stand next to the door and give them to the comers. -I'm sorry for your loss. -Thanks, thank you. Mr. Ozan. Welcome Mr. Ozan, welcome. Please have it. There are too many reporters. I'm attaching it on your collar… -I can attach it. -I managed it. This way please Mr. Ozan. -I'm sorry for your loss Mr. Ozan. -Thanks, thank you. Mr. Ozan, it was told that your father was really sick in his last days,… …can you make a statement please? It's told that you did not get along well. Guys, if you'll excuse me, we have a funeral. Please. -Please make a statement. -Can you please make a statement? -Please. -Please make a statement. -I'm sorry for your loss. -Thank you. I was stucked in the traffic. Well done. -Did the funeral start? -No. Not yet.