18th-Century Social Dance - Minuet


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but woe betide you if you put a foot wrong the set piece of a ball here at the Assembly Rooms was a terrifying dance the minuet performed couple by couple in front of the whole room not for the faint hearted I asked dance historian Moira golf to put me through my paces Wow okay so this is the Assembly Room where you would come to dance yes a good big space but dancing now minuet I have heard tell or particularly tricky kind of dance and you would be doing them what in front of a room full of hundreds of people and they would be watching you absolutely this is the Strictly Come Dancing of the 18th century one two three four five six one two three four five six one two three doing it five six one two three one two three four five six that actually not very easy let me be the man you come together that it and we actually dance forward another thing that happens but that incredibly risky physical closest if I a young woman who come to bath and my parents are nearby but I don know you from Adam