Smart Cities: Solving Urban Problems Using Technology


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Music the challenges of cities are changing rapidly as you use more of that very finite resource of clean drinking water has you create more waste we going to have to think very differently about how to solve the problem our tendencies that think about solving problems when we pose them but there a completely different degree of complexity that emerged here now the 21st century I often think about our highway system and one of our recourses to congestion is to add another Lane because you add another Lane more cars conflict turns out it doesn work that way more cars fill in that space more cars change lanes causing more congestion ultimately that a 20th century solution 21st century solutions think about cars differently do we need to own cars will cars drive themselves will we use cars on the map that thinking differently that thinking 21st century Music when I joined the city 5 years ago the city manager said Jonathan we need a bold vision and mission specifically around technology what does technology mean for the city and what ways can it contribute towards quality of life and at the time you know did some research