Attack on Titan 1x10 REACTION


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Music hey what is going on guys my name is austin that is shane and we are two brothers and today we are reacting to episode 10 of attack on titan before we begin i just want to mention uh we would like to mention that we really grateful for uh all the comments as of recently and all of your guys support it been amazing it gives us so much confidence to do all this so we do read every comment and i mean every comment it just you know i sorry we can com or we can comment back on all of them there there a lot of them and we thank you guys for that i just wanted to get that out of the way just letting you know we do read everything you guys post and we love it you guys have been really great and yeah and also uh you know there been a lot of mentions about spoilers we doing our best right now to avoid spoilers and so far the comments have been great but we are trying to keep track of it so we don get spoiled so in the future we