Java 8 Lambda Basics 5 - Passing Behavior in OOP


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having said that let look at some of the problems in object oriented programming and the kind of constructs you can learn available in java 7 and let look at how functional programming tries to solve those problems how the new features in Java 8 tries to solve those problems in object oriented programming pretty much everything is an object you cannot have like a piece of logic a piece of functionality that exists in isolation it has to be a part of a class a part of an object has to be associated with it right this is most of the times not a problem but it can be a problem sometimes because for a Java developer when you designing your system when you trying to solve a problem and creating you know writing your code you tend to think in terms of things and nouns rather than actual and verbs right it always a theme for instance let say you want to write a method that greets buddy you know just writes to the console hello world right you cannot just put a function in there in isolation on its own you have to make it a part