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first I have some requests for you number one please do not post photos with me in them in facebook or its subsidiaries Instagram and what up that company is a monstrous surveillance engine it recognizes people in photos by their faces or even the backs of their heads so if you post a photo where a certain person appears in facebook or its subsidiaries you are helping that company track that person it missed you treating that person badly please don do that to me and by the way I have never been a used of Facebook I don have a Facebook account I hope you won let Facebook use you either people don use Facebook Facebook uses people uses people to get data about other people second if you want to make a recording of this talk and distribute copies please do that only in the format that are favorable to free software the format that you can play without yourself running any non free software and please make sure that the website of distribution permits downloading a copy without the visitors running any non free software not even non free JavaScript software which I never run I