How to Find the Domain of a Composite Function


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Music hello everybody welcome to another video hope ur ready to flex those brain muscles today we going to talk more about composite functions but this time we specifically talking about how to find the domain of a composite function so this is a very common issue that students have with this cuz it a little bit tricky but basically we often given two functions F and G we asked to find the composite function but also find the domain so let go and get into how to do this first how to find the domain of a composite function our first step identified domain restrictions of the inner function remember composite functions we have an outer function and an inner function so first we look at the domain of our inner function and let go ahead and do this example so the domain of our inner function is what we have no restrictions here this domain is all real numbers so I going to go and put that here okay all real numbers second find the composite function so basically I evaluating this I plugging G of X into F and I can simplify it and yeah through that