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Captions throughout this video were written using this method except this Kinetic Typography I want you to think about this for a second More then 36 Million Americans alone Are either deaf or have some difficulty with hearing And on a Global scale 5 of the world population suffers from some sort of hearing loss So think about how many millions of those people might be on YouTube so right outta the gate if you not captioning your videos you missing out on potentially millions of people who could be watching your videos So let jump right into it since we can use out browser to subtitle our videos because i would rather record a week Worth of videos than write subtitles for one video IIIIIIII CAN DO THIIISSS BANG so we going to use an app called Subcake Links to all apps mentioned in this video will be in the description below Subcake is basically a subtitle editor that we will be using to write and sync our captions First import your Youtube video into the app if you don have your video on your phone then you can download it from Youtube using Vidmate or any online Youtube