How feng shui shaped Hong Kong's skyline


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Check out that building with a hole in it. Here in Hong Kong there are dragons floating everywhere. You can't really see them, because you know they're dragons. They actually live up in the mountains and they come down into the water and when you block them from entering the water you end up really messing up your luck. So they have accommodated this situation by putting holes in the buildings so that the dragons can fly through. These are called dragon gates and they are one of many examples of how Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice, is affecting the skyline of Hong Kong. So Feng Shui is this ancient Chinese belief, superstition. The basic idea is that there is good energy out there floating around, good luck, good fortune called Qi and if you arrange your physical environment in an optimal way, you can channel that good luck in the best way and things will go good for you. This usually takes the form of like furniture, interior design but here in Hong Kong, it has affected the skyline. Alright, first let's look at this HSBC building. The Hong Kong Shanghai Bank was founded back in the days of pirates and opium barons.