How To Rip Hardcode Subtitle


— Handwritten subtitles — Generated subtitles

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Open Subrip if you don have it please download it first Press this button for load video make sure its avi format Press play button and seek subtitle on movie film that you have loaded After you found it highlight subtile area method press left mouse and drag it To display preview on back click left mouse twice 2x on video Click text button on center you cant see it on this tutorial because something wrong it will be white because hardcorded subtitle were white Tick Right for outline click on center Choose black colour because outline colour for hardcoded sub are black Because this hardcoded have 2 line press Draw Outline On Top 2 Pay attention to here its the posittion that you were highligted must be precise Click Height increase or decrease value according to your video Make sure the posistion correct to avoid on error false scan for OCR Increase or decrease width value for reduce red noise on colour Our prime objective to play colur are to get most close white and black Try to mix colour Try to get most closest white and black colour but MAKE SURE THE ALPHABET WAS NOT CRACKED UNCOMPLETE Move