Word from God, Oct 11


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okay you should be able to hear now so let me say this before i start um the way things are going it quite important that we take priority and um we make what important and important in that little details for one having a black screen don make it about the black screen just listen to the word of god because right now we in a very um historical turnaround so let me go ahead and give you this word now he gave this to me on the seventh and when he gave this to me you know when you hear from the lord those who here will understand you can feel his emotions and i started crying to the point that i had to stop a couple times i was crying so hard i thought i throw up because he quite upset but let me explain this is not to the bride of christ this is not to those who are truly his all right but he has a word for you guys and i think normally i don give two words side by side but he only gave me a moment to compose myself and he started