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In this video we ll show you how to embed videos and playlists on a website or blog which may help you to reach a larger audience First we ll start with embedding videos While on a video s watch page click the share icon Now click on Embed to see the embed code Before you paste this code into your website or blog you can get a preview of what the embed will look like Just click on Show more directly under the embed code From here you can change the size of the video and the embed options As you change these settings the embed code will automatically update Once you select your options copy the code and paste it into your website or blog Now we ll show you how to embed playlists To get started open the Guide and click Library Now click on the playlist you want to embed Now click Share then Embed Just like videos you can click Show more to adjust your embed settings To learn more about the different embed options available to you click on the card in the corner of this video And that s it Be sure to