The Coming Perfect Storm (Full)


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hi I John Paul Jackson and I like to talk to you today about something that very dear to my heart the Lord began to speak to me the message that I about to bring to you several years ago but in June of this past year 2008 he began to push me to speak about it in several conferences here in the United States and abroad because some of the facets of the perfect storm happened so quickly after I wrote about it I feel compelled to tell you that there a means of verification one of the places I spoke on this topic was in a conference held by John Kilpatrick in July of 2008 the Lord didn ask me to write it down and to send it to those of my mail list and I did this the first of August the some of what I have already written has come to pass most of these things will take place 10 years from now in other words it will take some time for it to totally play out further the most of what we see today is seemingly economic based much of what I have written is