Receive Messages & Blessings from Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels (Remastered) Guided Meditation


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you this is Raza welcome to your guided meditation during this meditation you will connect to the energy and the essence of what many call spirit guides or guardian angels or divine source who is always with us who helps us on our path of growth and becoming in this connection you will find space to feel and receive love support guidance and peace in your life please find a comfortable space to set a lie down make your space really pleasing to you make it to be your sacred time to connect and refresh your being dim lights in your room if you can light a candle make your room of a perfect temperature for you use incense or essential oils of your preference to help you to awaken all your senses make sure you will not be interrupted Music close your eyes and relax your jaw let go in your forehead and in your temples notice the gentle air flow in and out of your nose and as you notice this soften and be just like that gentle breath through your body let the sensation of ease and lightness that is coming into you with your breath to