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Music hi I Connor Lee I 28 years old I from Montreal Canada for work I a Salesman I really lucky because I get to travel the world I have friends all over the world here look this is my friend Gabriel and his sister Sarah he 25 years old and she is 26 he from California he a tour guide and he lives in Bolivia this is him in a really small plane he does amazing things for his job every day here are some pictures of him last week here he is on Monday scuba diving here he is on Tuesday hiking on Wednesday here he is in the jungle on Thursday playing with some animals here he is Friday back in the paws this is Gabe with his two sisters Sarah and Molly they are on vacation in Colombia I excited to visit him soon here another friend of mine her name is Cecilia she is 29 years old Cecilia is from rio de janeiro brazil she is a journalist there cecilia loves her cat pedro and she loves her cell phone she is a journalist so she always on twitter Cecilia is also a very good