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Music in the 21st century cities around the world have started to reinvent themselves through smart city initiatives challenged by growing populations and the increasing difficulty of meeting the needs of citizens cities are counting on technology to provide solutions the center of attention data our data smart cities are collecting and sharing large amounts of it big data offers insights that can help to optimize city operations manage resources and improve the everyday life of citizens so how our data gathered who needs it what for exactly and is our data safe Music smart cities use a lot of sensors and connected devices to analyze data all around the globe urban areas are trying to become smarter and more connected for those of you who get goosebumps thinking of completely transparent cities of the future big data is far from being futuristic i think it it really the lifeblood of cities today and uh will be um you know the bricks and mortar that we use to construct cities in the future this is dr anthony townsend he an expert on urban tech innovation cities without data for him unthinkable we orchestrate our our lives and our communities and