How To Throw Punches Without Getting Countered (Beginner-Intermediate)


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today guys we are talking about how to throw punches whether it on a sparring partner or in a fight without getting countered super easy this has been a very very popular request which means many people are probably struggling with it fair enough it not the easiest thing to do to step in on somebody let your hands go and not make one of the seven mistakes that i gonna give you today so after the intro guys we gonna talk about how to throw punches without getting countered super easy Music all right guys not getting countered when you start letting your hands go it a difficult thing because as soon as your hands leave your head as soon as you make any little adjustment there is an opening that is created i throw the jab i open for the uppercut my head is open for the hook my head is open for straight punches assuming i don do everything as perfect as possible now one of the first things that you can just do to make sure you not getting counter is to really sharpen up your technique but that just basically means that i have to