Ten Reasons Some Single Christians Will NEVER Find a Spouse


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hey god bless you my friend this is sister sharon and today i want to give you 10 reasons why many believers who are very much interested in becoming married are having problems finding choosing a mate now i want to give you some things to look at we know that marriage is honorable it is something that is very um daunting marriage is not for the faint and heart marriage is for those that understand it is a lifelong covenant it is a lifelong vow to be monogamous with the person that you choose and in uh the society the modern culture we are in people are divorcing left and right i mean it is alarming it is disturbing but i do want to speak to those of you who desire to be married but i want you to be sober minded i want you to understand that there are many things that could work against you if you allow these ungodly mindsets to set in to your heart number one this can cause you to prolong finding the right person and making you know your your your choice your choice um and that is allowing parents and friends