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Hello friends here again on your channel TESLA WORLD MATH today we are going to see a topic called the LAW OF SIGNS in an easy way but I want to clarify that this topic is very important unfortunately in many educational institutions pass it very fast in class, this topic is so important because it will affect a lot in the subjects later as equations also in physics topics in trigonometry so we're going to develop in a way well specific so you guys can easily understand how to solve this type of exercises so that more Go ahead make no mistake in these operations addition or subtraction, let's start. What they have to do is the following when they have SAME SIGNS !!! THEY HAVE TO ADD THE TERMS yes we have DIFFERENT SIGNS WE SUBTRACTED !! and the answer will always be the sign of the greater number for example as we have this expression that we are going to develop here, we will be practical and we will put examples once if we have minus 5 and we add plus 3 let's say we have well the first thing they have to do is the sign of the largest number let's say as here we have 5 and here we have 3 the largest number would be 5 the 5 has a negative sign so the answer as it says here answer sign, the greater number the answer will be the higher the number going to be negative is the first thing they have to do secondly always remember this rule equal signs are added and signs different are subtracted here we see that 5 has a negative sign and 3 has a positive sign remember that the sign is always to the left of the number then as the signs are different as you can see here we have to subtract as it says here 5 minus 3 is 2 and that would be the answer.