Global Marshall Law - How Earth came under control of the Draco 16,500 years ago.


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Music Music Music Music so Music so here the whole plan see how long it is this is the main center control structure the three in the middle was where my predecessor sat now that where i sit Music do Music all those that were involved most of these people are gone these are the phases of different industries that we going to control now underneath that center circle there were three pyramids of control and then you had all these individuals in between Music then you get way down here and this is where the 300 families start this is your rothschilds this is your purported treasuries underneath them you have the elite and then you get into these dynasties asian dynasties global royalty way down here see how far down you have to come and how many you have to go through to get to there and you have the royal institute for international affairs here your round tables over here Music round tables see that how far down the food chain they were Music governments are way down here at the Music bottom when i first got this position i guess you would say um i was