How to add closed captions [CC] on Youtube for Free!


— Handwritten subtitles — Generated subtitles

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[Andrew] Hello Everyone! I’m Andrew Kan, and if I kan, you Kan too! I’ll teach You how to add Closed Captions to YouTube Videos for FREE! [Andrew’s Analysis Bumper] Closed captions are a great way for your videos to not only be more inclusive, but gives YouTube more metadata to help rank your video with! I’ll show you how to add the Closed Captions to YouTube videos with and without a script! Let’s start without a script! First, head to the my videos page.Select the video you want to add the closed captions to, and click the edit button. This will take you to the Subtitles/ Closed captions page. You should see an automatic caption option in your native language, and automatic in parenthesis. Click on this, and this will let you see the YouTube Automatically Generated Subtitle/Closed Caption Source. This is great if you want to add captions, but don’t have the script or funds to add them in other ways. To actually edit, select “edit.” This will refresh the page, and will let you start to edit the video’s closed captions. Sometimes the automatic captions are 100% fine, but other times they can be slightly off.